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Upcoming Regina Branch Meeting

Our next meeting will take place on Tuesday January 26, at 7:00 PM. It will be an online Zoom presentation that will give us an introduction to the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society databases that are included in our memberships. Our presenter will be Sheldon Trabish, who is the current President of the SGS Board of Directors. Sheldon will describe the databases; explain where this information came from; and discuss how a genealogist can use this in their research.

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New Directors and Committee Members
The following list is the executive for 2021:

 President: Christa Kaytor
 Vice President: Terri Hamill
 Secretary: Linda Engel
 Treasurer & Membership: Elaine Noble
 Directors at Large: Phoebe Banbury, Jacquie Perigny, Sharon Spott
 Branch Web Site and Facebook Team: Linda Engel, Renae Grubb, Terri Hamill
 Census Index Project: Marian Powell
 Cemetery Project Committee: Phoebe Banbury, Gene Mielke, Elaine Noble
 Program & Publicity Committee: Charlotte Dusyk, Christa Kaytor and Elaine Noble

The About Us page also has the complete list of Directors and Committee Members.
Thanks very much to everyone for volunteering their time!
Volunteers Still Required!
We still have an urgent need to fill a key position:
Program Committee

to learn the responsibilities of these positions,
then contact us via email at SGS Regina Branch to learn more or to volunteer.
Thanks for your consideration.
Recent Programs
September 25, 2018 - That Lucky Old Son - Mark Cote

In September, our guest speaker was Mark Cote, who is the author of That Lucky Old Son: Re-Discovering My Father Through His World War II Bomber Command and POW Experiences. We learned of his very thorough research into his fatherís military service and the aircraft flown during World War II.

Mark had a few articles that belonged to his father, such as his medals and his flying logbook. Also, there was a published book with some information on his fatherís squadron. From there, his research involved reading the literature, searching for information at the archives, and interviewing people. Additional information led him back to do more research.

Mark received some military information about his father from the archives. Later he visited the Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa, and there he was able to see all of his fatherís records. Mark recommended that anyone who is looking for military history should visit the archives in Ottawa. Before going, register for a User Card and request the materials that you would like to see. He also visited aviation museums in England and the RCAF Museum in Trenton, Ontario.

Mark met some of his fatherís crewmates and their families, and they have become close friends.

Markís research led to the publication of That Lucky Old Son. To learn more about the book, go to his website at

Recent Regina Branch Events
June 3, 2018 - Lang Cemetery Recording

On Sunday, June 3, members of the Regina Branch did a cemetery recording at the Lang Cemetery in the Rural Municipality of Scott. There are around 350 burials in this cemetery. Photographs were taken of every headstone. The information on the headstones was also recorded on paper.

Our 12 volunteers were Diane Romphf, Brian Scherle, Darlene Clifford, Sharon Spott, Gene Mielke, Terri Hamill, Phoebe Banbury, Elaine Noble, Linda Engel, Roxanne Zitaruk, Kathy Black, and Pat Rea. We extend a special Thank You to Elaine, who organized the outing and brought a camper to the cemetery to provide us with a bathroom.