Cemetery Indexing Project
Cemetery Reading June 3, 2018
On Sunday, June 3, members of the Regina Branch did a cemetery recording at the Lang Cemetery in the Rural Municipality of Scott. There are around 350 burials in this cemetery. Photographs were taken of every headstone. The information on the headstones was also recorded on paper.

Our 12 volunteers were Diane Romphf, Brian Scherle, Darlene Clifford, Sharon Spott, Gene Mielke, Terri Hamill, Phoebe Banbury, Elaine Noble, Linda Engel, Roxanne Zitaruk, Kathy Black, and Pat Rea. We extend a special Thank You to Elaine, who organized the outing and brought a camper to the cemetery to provide us with a bathroom.

Cemeteries Indexed by Regina Branch
During the past decade and more, members of SGS Regina Branch have read and indexed most of the cemeteries in Rural Municipalities near Regina, listed below.
Since 2009, records have included a photograph of each headstone read.
RM Cemetery, Community Cemetery, Community
98 Scott Lang Cemetery Yellow Grass Cemetery
99 Caledonia Milestone Roman Catholic Pleasant Valley, Parry
  Bethesda Lutheran, Wilcox  
100 Elmsthorpe St Joseph's R Catholic, Avonlea Stanko, Avonlea
  St. Anne's Roman Catholic, Truax Truax Municipal
  St Joseph's R Catholic, Claybank  
127 Francis Christ Lutheran, Francis Francis Roman Catholic
  Pleasant View, Sedley Andresheim, Sedley
  St. Jacob Blumenfeld, Sedley Our Lady of Grace, Sedley
  Emmanuel Lutheran, Vibank Meisel, Vibank
  St Paul's Roman Catholic, Vibank St. Paul's (old), Vibank
  Young, Vibank Holy Family, Odessa
128 Lajord
Gray Riceton
  St Peter’s Roman Catholic
(Our Lady of Lourdes), Kronau
Bethlehem, Kronau
  St Peters Old/Kathrinthal, Kronau St.Mary’s, Kronau
  St Peter’s Roman Catholic, Lajord Lajord Hutterite Colony
  Fairview, Davin  
129 Bratt’s Lake
Buck Lake Wilcox
130 Redburn
Briercrest Rouleau
156 Indian Head
Indian Head Sintaluta
157 South Qu’Appelle
Avonhurst Edgeley
  Qu'Appelle McLean
158 Edenwold
Balgonie Community Edenwold Community
  7th Day Adventist, Edenwold 1st German Baptist, Edenwold
  Winnetka, Edenwold Arrat, Frankslake
  Frankslake Lutheran St.John’s, Frankslake
  Newton, Jameson St George, Pilot Butte
159 Sherwood
Regina Riverside  
160 Pense
All Saints, Pense Cottonwood, Pense
  Poplar Grove, Stony Beach Battrum, Stony Beach
  Stony Beach  
189 Lumsden
Lumsden Regina Beach
190 Dufferin
Bethune Findlater
  Keddleston Arm River Colony, Disley
218 Cupar
Bethlehem Lutheran, Markinch Christus Lutheran, Markinch
  St Mark's, Markinch Wheatwyn, Markinch
  Markinch Community Holy Trinity Hungarian
  Emmanuel Lutheran, Southey Southey Community
  St James Catholic, Southey Cupar
St Paul's Lutheran, Cupar St Patrick's, Cupar
219 Longlaketon Forest Lawn, Craven Stewart, Fairy Hill
  Elbourne, Serath East Mount, Strasbourg
220 McKillop
Cemetery Searches by Regina Branch

For a small fee, members of the Regina Branch will do a search of any of the cemeteries.
See our Research page for details of our research policies and procedures.

SGS Provincial Cemetery Indexing Project

The collection of burial records for all Saskatchewan cemeteries is an ongoing project of the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society. Most SGS Branches, including the Regina Branch, participate by reading headstones in local cemeteries and preparing indexes.

As part of this project, SGS maintains an inventory of Saskatchewan cemeteries. This database contains the name and location of over 3,400 cemetery and burial sites in the province.

If the cemetery records have been collected, the cemetery information is available at the SGS Library. In most cases, that data has also been entered into Saskatchewan Residents Index, a database available at SGS.

See the SGS web site for details on how to access the cemetery information held in the SGS provincial library.

Regina Branch Cemetery Reading

Since 2009, we have been taking a digital photograph of every headstone we read. These photos become part of the index.

Each year members of our branch venture out to record a cemetery or twelve to assist the SGS with their province-wide project. Usually we do this on a Sunday in June. We arrange carpooling so that not all of us have to drive.

Prior to reading, we arrange with the RM office, village office or individual who has burial records to obtain maps and/or burial lists to work from. We supply our readers with this information along with recording sheets provided by the SGS. We then divide up and work row by row, reading and photographing each headstone or grave marker. In some cases we have previously recorded the cemetery, so all we do is update our current records.

We record items of interest to anyone collecting family history such as full name, birth and death dates, family members, birth places, titles (father, mother, grandmother, sister, etc.). We also look for any items of interest on the headstone such as symbols of organizations (Masonic, Legion, Church, etc.).

Once the information is recorded, copies are given to SGS to be stored in the provincial library and on the Saskatchewan Residents Index (SRI). A copy is maintained by the Regina Branch Cemetery Coordinator as well.

Cemetery Indexing Instructions

What to Bring:

  • Water
  • Pen
  • Clipboard (if you have one) + an elastic band (to hold the paper down in a wind)
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Digital camera (optional)
  • GPS (optional)
  • Topographical maps (optional)

Tick Prevention:

Bring insect repellent. Tuck your trouser legs into your socks. This helps to deter ticks from crawling inside your trouser legs, down into shoes & through most socks. Wearing boots may also help. Light coloured clothing makes it easier to see ticks. When you get home, check your body carefully for ticks, taking special care to check all over the body, hidden in belly button, hair line, ears, in parts that bend, like knees, elbows, and fingers & around pressure points, like belts & collars.